We are here to walk alongside you.

Pregnancy Testing
& Free Ultrasounds

Our urine tests are 97-99% accurate. They are hospital quality tests. No appointment is necessary but you are encouraged to call first if you are able.

Ultrasounds will show you your babies heartbeat.

Pregnancy Mentoring

Did your pregnancy come as a surprise? Sometimes, it’s part of a bigger plan for your life. Do you need help to understand your options? We want to come alongside you and help you with mentoring and understanding how you will get through this wonderful new season.

Pre-natal Classes

We want to help you understand how to have a healthy and safe pregnancy. Understanding your baby’s development is part of enjoying the progression of your pregnancy. Some of the topics covered are; The First Trimester, Nutrition, Your Developing Baby, What’s Safe, What Isn’t.  There are many other classes also available call us to arrange a time to earn while you learn – for each class you take, we will give you possibility dollars you can use in our store.

Material Assistance

Often times we all need a little help. We have many items donated to us that we can pass along to you


Parenting Classes

Parenthood is fun and challenging. Parenting is also quite rewarding. We want to help you in your new journey. Each class and lesson we offer helps teach you to enjoy your new experience of parenting.

Emotional and Communal Assistance

Sometimes all we need is a listening ear? Or a place to escape. We will be your friend, your resourcing location, and a shoulder to cry on if you should need it?

We have relationships with a food pantry, many community organizations, free pregnancy fitness opportunities, churches, and home groups – we can find just about anything you may need.