How can I help the pregnancy center?

We ask you to be faithful in small things at first.

Initial Meeting:  We ask you to come in and just get to know each other – where we will talk about the various ways you can serve below.

Starting Point.  (two months)

1.   Will you pray.  Put a reminder on your phone and pray each day for the center.  Pray for people to get the word out.

2.  The facilities need a little cleaning from it being used by people previously.  Bathrooms need cleaning regularly.

3.  Will you come setup up the center – we need strong arms and backs to set up tables, chairs, displays, etc from 330-430.

4.  Will you help us tear down – we have to tear everything down from 7-7:30pm.

5.  Get the word out on Facebook telling folks about the program

Next Step.

1.   Would you be willing to pass out flyers to schools, or hospitals?  Your job will be to say the following: Do you guys know about the pregnancy center and the services we offer?  We are new to Queen Creek.  We have parenting classes for new moms, earn while you learn program to get new babies supplies, diapers, etc. We have a support team for emotional and social needs – connecting new moms with resources in the community.

2.   Will you be willing to help send out support letters to your friends asking them for a one-time financial gift or monthly gift to the community center?

3.  Though not many people are able – personal financial support is a big help for this, or if you have training fundraising or writing grants.

Steps to becoming a pregnancy center counselor?

1.   Be faithful in starting points and next steps above (for at least two months)

2.  Fill out the application form and get references

3.  Attend the next set of counselor training classes

4.  Start shadowing a set of previously trained counselors

***Special Note:  At the moment we do not have childcare – so volunteers are unfortunately not able to bring their kids to the pregnancy center.

Partner with us
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